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Why cITopus?

Management and administration of NSX environments has its challenges. They include:

● Manual deployment of network topologies

● Static documentation to view/assess network configurations and relationships

● The need to keep a manual accounting of network configurations

This leads to:

● Prone to errors due to requirement of manual validation of configurations

● No true real-time visibility into SDN

● Requires third-party consulting services resulting in higher cost of deployment

● Time lost in manual entry for deployment and documentation

● Documentation process is error prone, and docs go out of date quickly

● NSX Engineers not free to solve more complex networking and configuration issues

● Limited adoption of NSX

Managing a NSX / SDN environment is a dynamic process - the tools that support the design, deployment, documentation, and management of such networks should be dynamic and automated as well.


Introducing clTopus!

cITopus automates and manages the lifecycle of NSX environments. A design, deployment, and management solution bringing powerful and transformational aspects of NSX in an intuitive, modern, and agile software suite. cITopus’ What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) editor allows engineers to deploy network topologies using drag and drop widgets, dramatically reducing the risk of errors and reducing the time to deploy. The WYSIWYG editor builds live visual topology from an existing NSX environment and allows the engineers to perform changes to the topology visually. cITopus reduces the dependency on outside knowledge experts as the tool performs validations and deploys network topologies using VMware best practices. 


Benefits of clTopus


  • Reduction in costs, time and errors:
  • 50%+ (NSX deployment/management)
  • 80%+ (NSX documentation)
  • Reducing human error and mistakes typical in manual configuration and administration.WYSIWYG! Experience real-time visibility into your network configuration
  • Free up your advanced NSX engineers to work on the most complex network design problems
  • Simplify and streamline the NSX management and administration processes, so that less experienced engineers can gain familiarity with NSX and deploy autonomously
  • NSX Real Time View (NRTV)-Automatically build and graphically display your network topology in real time. Reducing time, and replacing the need for drawing tools and spreadsheets.
  • Automatically document network nodes and relationships.
  • Automatically sync the visualization of your network topology with your actual network.
  • Automatically discover NSX and related vCenter constructs eliminating the need to manually correlate components.
  • Generate component configuration reports pulled directly from your network, versus from spreadsheets which need to be updated manually
  • Advanced Modeling Engine that automatically learns IP tables, dynamic networks, deployed vm’s, and physical interfaces.
  • cITopus Intuitive Network Creation (cINC) – Rapid Deployment
  • Drag-Drop-Deploy – automatically create, assign, configure, and deploy dependent network components
  • Templates for ECMP and HA networks complete with test end-point VM’s with all configuration information pre-defined. 

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