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About cITopus


cITopus Brings The Power of NSX Into An Intuitive, Modern, and Agile Software Suite.

  • Automated Lifecycle of NSX: Design, Deployment, & Management 
  • Dramatically Reduces Time to Deploy 
  • Eliminates Risk of Errors of Configuration
  • What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) Editor.  Allows Graphical Deployment of Network Topologies Using Drag-and-Drop widgets. The WYSIWYG editor builds live visual topology from an existing NSX environment, and allows the changes to the topology visually
  • Reduces the dependency on outside knowledge experts as the tool performs validations and deploys network topologies using VMware best practices 
  • Supports NSX-v and NSX-T
  • Migrations from NSX-v to NSX-T
  • Support for Cloud Migration and Integration


NSX Automated Management & Administration

  • Automated Deployment of NSX Network Topologies
  • Automated and Graphical Accounting of Network Configurations
  • Eliminates Errors By Automating Validation of Configurations
  • Provides True Real-Time Visibility Into NSX Environment
  • Reduce Costs of Third-party Consulting Services 
  • Dynamic Documentation: View/Assess Network Configurations & Relationships
  • Reduce Time By Automating Entries for Deployment and Documentation
  • Accelerate Adoption of NSX


Benefits of clTopus

  • Reduction in costs, time and errors:
  • 50%+ (NSX deployment/management)
  • 80%+ (NSX documentation)
  • Reducing human error and mistakes typical in manual configuration and administration.WYSIWYG! Experience real-time visibility into your network configuration
  • Free up your advanced NSX engineers to work on the most complex network design issues
  • Simplify and streamline the NSX management and administration processes, so that less experienced engineers can gain familiarity with NSX and deploy autonomously
  • NSX Real Time View (NRTV)-Automatically build and graphically display your network topology in real time. Reducing time, and replacing the need for drawing tools and spreadsheets.
  • Automatically document network nodes and relationships.
  • Automatically sync the visualization of your network topology with your actual network.
  • Automatically discover NSX and related vCenter constructs eliminating the need to manually correlate components.
  • Generate component configuration reports pulled directly from your network, versus from spreadsheets which need to be updated manually
  • Advanced Modeling Engine that automatically learns IP tables, dynamic networks, deployed vm’s, and physical interfaces.
  • cITopus Intuitive Network Creation (cINC) – Rapid Deployment
  • Drag-Drop-Deploy – automatically create, assign, configure, and deploy dependent network components
  • Templates for ECMP and HA networks complete with test end-point VM’s with all configuration information pre-defined. 

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