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cITopus Features

Features that Support Full NSX Lifecycle


● Topology graph view. Unprecedented real-time visibility into SDN structure and relationships

● Create and configure or update new object shapes (switches, edges) using icon drag and drop

● Directly deploy into NSX newly created objects, or edits made to existing objects

● Form validation and behind-the-scenes business logic

● Pre-built templates consisting of the entire network topology, i.e. routers, switches, edge gateways. 

● Migrate software defined networking and micro-segmentation configurations from one NSX environment to another 

● Automated creation of up-to-date Configuration Workbook, and export to Excel

NSX Introspection

  • Automatically learn existing environment
  • Micro-segmentation configuration automatically loaded in Citopus Firewall Manager

Automated Visual Deployment

  • Drag and Drop Quick Deployment
  • Templated Network Node Deployment

Automated Configuration Workbook

  • Automatic updates to Configuration Workbook from Citopus changes
  • Automatic updates to Configuration Workbook from outside sources such as vSphere Web Client.

Design and Configuration Doc Export

  • Export Topology Map in .SVG format
  • Export Configuration Workbook in .XLSX format

Test Driven Deployment

  • Automatically create Test end-points to verify connectivity
  • Automatic test report after deployment
  • Manually create test end-points for troubleshooting


MORE cITopus Features

NSX Configuration Control and Security

Smart Edit and Update of all SDN objects

  • Add static or dynamic routing
  • Configure High Availability
  • Add interfaces with automatically pre-filled suggestions
  • Error handling and capturing

Data Center Comparison

  • Identify and correct differences between multiple similar data centers

Data Center Copy/Paste

  • Template an entire SDN and apply to separate environment.
  • Ensure symmetrical DR

Micro-segmentation Control

  • Configure Firewall rules, sections, and priority
  • Visually reorder firewall rules and assign to new sections
  • Edit firewall rules

Netellisense – Context Relative IP Suggestion and Autocomplete

  • Citopus IP management engine continuously tracks all static and dynamic networks
  • Whenever new networks are created, cITopus will recommend a network that is appropriate for the context.