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cITopus VMware NSX-v To NSX-T Migration Kit!

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cITopus NSX-V to NSX-T Migration Kit NOW AVAILABLE!

With VMware announcing the End of Support of NSX-V, it is very important to have your plan in place to migrate to NSX-T. You must educate yourself about how these migrations must be planned and implemented.  SPJ Solutions is the TOP NSX V2T Migration organization. With more NSX V2T migrations successfully delivered, you can be assured your migration will be done with less risk, least amount of downtime, at the lowest cost.  Now we we’ve made it less complicated by offering the cITopus NSX V2T Migration Kit.

The cITopus NSX V2T Migration Kit helps users migrate from VMware’s NSX-V to NSX-T (V2T). The kit is designed to help you perform the NSX V2T migration at the lowest risk, and shortest outage duration possible, while offering ample opportunity to perform the necessary validation.  cITopus has been developed based on real world NSX V2T migration experience, and VMware best practices.  It is the most widely used NSX V2T Migration technology!  Click the links below for more information:

cITopus Is The Most Widely Used NSX Migration Tool!

cITopus is the leading NSX automation technology, endorsed by VMware for NSX V2T Migrations. And now cITopus is also the most widely used NSX V2T Migration tool!  Educate yourself about NSX V2T migrations, and make sure you understand all of facets of what will make a successful migration.

cITopus Version 5.0 

SPJ Solutions Inc. announces the release of version 5.0 of cITopus – VMware NSX Automation for Management and Migrations technology, and shared details of new and expanded features of the powerful NSX automation platform.

SPJ Solutions is leading the way in NSX-V to NSX-T (V2T) Migrations with the most migrations performed, and with cITopus 5.0 as the leading NSX-V to NSX-T Migration Technology! With the end of support by VMware of NSX-V, the migration of NSX-V to NSX-T will be critical. In many cases migrations will be a complex and time-consuming effort. We are announcing cITopus version 5.0, and the innovative automation capabilities for NSX V2T migrations. These capabilities include Multi data center migration, NSX-V to NSX-T Federation, In-Place and Out of Place migration, Pre-Migration Analysis, and Post Migration Analysis.

cITopus had been presented and demonstrated at VMWorld 2020. And cITopus has been an important component of VMware’s recently published NSX-V to NSX-T Migration book. In addition, VMware has endorsed SPJ Solutions and cITopus for NSX V2T Migrations.

New Features

cITopus version 5.0 introduces a new level of simplicity to the management of VMware NSX. The new features for this version will include:

  • NSX-V to NSX-T (v2T) Migration, including Multi-DC migration of networking and security
  • On-demand visualization of NSX and vCenter environments including L2, L3, Cluster and Micro-Segmentation Views
  • “Single-Click” NSX install including installation and configuration of all NSX components – Managers, Edges, Routers, and Segments
  • Drag and Drop Micro-Segmentation Design, Deployment and Management including automated rule development from vRealize Network Insight traffic
  • Day to Day Management of NSX, including backup and restore, testing and validation,  generation of configuration specs, and  design diagrams.


Easily manage, deploy, & expand your NSX environments, including migrating from NSX-V to NSX-T with cITopus (see-toe-pus)! cITopus is a powerful and intuitive NSX lifecycle automation and management tool for VMware NSX. With a friendly graphical interface, cITopus simplifies the critical tasks of your NSX environments; enabling the design, scheduling, deployment, management, and reporting all in real-time.

cITopus automates and manages the lifecycle of NSX environments. A design, deployment, and management solution bringing powerful and transformational aspects of NSX in an intuitive, modern, and agile software suite. cITopus’ What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) editor allows engineers to deploy network topologies using drag and drop icons, dramatically reducing the risk of errors and significantly reducing the time to deploy. The WYSIWYG editor builds a live visual topology from an existing NSX environment and allows the engineers to perform changes to the topology visually.

Why clTopus?

The Challenges of NSX

Management and administration of NSX environments has its challenges. They include:

  • Manual deployment of network topologies
  • Static documentation to view, assess and update network configurations and relationships
  • Need to keep a manual accounting of network configurations

This leads to:

  • Potential errors due to requirement of manual validation of configurations
  • No true real-time visibility into SDN
  • Requires third-party consulting services resulting in higher cost of deployment
  • Time lost in manual entry for deployment and documentation
  • Documentation process is error prone, and docs go out of date quickly
  • NSX Engineers not free to solve more complex networking and configuration issues
  • Limited adoption of NSX

Managing a NSX environment is a dynamic process – the tools that support the design, deployment, documentation, and management of such networks should be dynamic and automated as well.

What does cITopus Mean?

cITopus – IT Work Fast!

Design, Deploy, Document, and Manage Your NSX Environments Quickly, Efficiently Without Errors!

definition of Citopus

Manage and View NSX Easily

The Benefits of clTopus

  • All work done using WYSIWYG editor
    • – Places cITopus head-and-shoulders above many scripting tools which require interaction with a terminal command line and offer limited visibility and rigid functionality
  • Automate the following time-consuming processes:
    • – Document network nodes and relationships
    • – Sync the visualization of your network topology with your actual network
    • – Discover NSX and related vCenter constructs eliminating the need to manually correlate components
    • – Create, assign, configure, and deploy dependent network components
  • Experience real-time visibility into your network configuration
  • Reduction in costs and time:
    • – NSX deployment/management
    • – NSX documentation
    • – Deployments and configurations that required over 1,000 manual entries, and days or weeks to perform, now can be completed within minutes!
  • Significantly reduce human error and mistakes typical in manual configuration and administration
  • Eliminate need for static documentation tools (spreadsheets/drawing platforms)
  • Free up advanced NSX engineers to solve more complex network design problems
  • Simplify and streamline NSX management and administration processes
    • – Less experienced engineers can gain familiarity with NSX-V and deploy autonomously
  • Seamless migration of security objects, security object membership and related firewall sections and rules from one NSX datacenter to another


cITopus is VMware Partner Ready for VMC on AWS!

cITopus has been certified Partner Ready for VMware Cloud (VMC) on AWS!  For more details contact us at, or go direct to VMware Solutions Exchange by clicking the button below.

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NSX Micro-segmentation Automation with cITopus